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A piece of information, or a set of particulars, or an accumulation of insight that enhances your decision-making, saves you time and improves your performance.

Intelligence is essential for active fund managers. Redburn’s purpose is to offer the intelligence our clients need to make better investments.

Intelligence that is independent

Our research is built on independence of thought, a highly experienced team and a culture of free debate. We aim to offer our clients unfettered analyses and sharp verdicts on the prospects for a sector, trend or company. We never want our work to be softened by compromise.

Intelligence that is relevant

As clients are deluged with ever more information but have less time to analyse it, noise becomes the opposite of intelligence. Our intelligence aims to be authoritative and relevant; focusing on the major issues, delivered in the most appropriate way.

Intelligence that is commercial

Intelligence is most useful when it is well-timed and properly targeted. At Redburn, we strive to offer timely advice and recommendations, characterised by original insight, compelling argument and strength of evidence. Our desire to bring value to active fund managers is  intrinsic to our business model. We are committed to deep and proprietary research, we invest in relevant products, we concentrate on the needs of our clients and we maintain a culture of independence. All parts of our business aim to create the intelligence and integrity our clients value and endorse.

Redburn’s unique positioning facilitates a powerful client- and research-centered culture. It provides analysts the time and space to write the very best research, and all our team to deliver the very best client service. It is a distinct culture that is restless, creative, argumentative, innovative, exciting and different. It is the source of Redburn’s top rankings with many fund management clients.

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