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Fundamental Research

Behind commercial intelligence lies deep and original research. We aspire to provide authority in all our work. This is built on the fullest possible understanding of a company’s financials and track record, and of the industrial, strategic, disruptive and human factors driving operational and share price performance.

We try to ensure our research is always leading the debate. Our analysts cover an average of six stocks each, which allows them the space and time to explore the biggest questions and to develop well-founded arguments built on original analysis. And we aim to make our research more compelling through the power of language. Good research is elevated by clear writing.

Our research is prepared to recommend our clients avoid certain companies and sectors, and if that displeases those companies’ management teams, so be it.

We focus on the largest European companies within the following sectors:

  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Automotive
  • Banks
  • Beverages
  • Capital Goods
  • Chemicals
  • Construction and Building materials
  • Energy
  • Food Manufacturing and HPC
  • Luxury Goods
  • Media
  • Metals and Mining
  • Non-Food Retail and Sporting Goods
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technology
  • Support Services
  • Technology: Software and IT Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport and Leisure


In addition to the core industry and company research, Redburn analysts provide myriad services for our clients. These include bespoke work, innovative expert conferences, roadshows and investor trips. They make videos to support research ideas and produce engaging and timely short-form research.

Technical Analysis

Redburn’s Technical Analysis team helps investors to make sense of global markets by providing a multi-asset snapshot using relative trend analysis. The team delivers daily insights and longer term overviews. The Technical Team has developed a proprietary momentum and trend scoring system, showcased in our publication ‘Technically Scored’. This is unique as it enables investors to see relative overviews of their portfolios, sectors or universes. The team provides concise weekly video summaries for our clients which are an effective way to stay on top of market developments. It provides bespoke packages of analysis tailored to specific clients’ needs.

IDEAS (Systematic Analysis)

IDEAS combines measures of value, value-creation and growth with behavioural factors in a unique way to provide insights into stocks, sectors and markets on a global basis. The system analyses more than 2,000 companies. IDEAS enables both stock selection and, at a higher level, sector/factor-based equity strategy. These are communicated via a number of products. In addition, Redburn’s clients have direct access to the system via the IDEAS website, which allows investment ideas to be generated at a variety of levels through screening and viewing tools, as well as portfolios to be loaded and analysed.