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Redburn and OMS LLP announce ESG research alliance 14 February 2020

Asset managers face the challenge of aligning investment performance with increasing environmental, social and corporate governance responsibilities. In order to support this growing focus, Redburn and OMS LLP are forming an alliance, which will place OMINDEX® ratings at the heart of Redburn’s research and offer a comprehensive approach to ESG for investors.

The alliance creates a unique framework and much-needed coherence for ESG analysis and responsible investing. The two parties share a belief that clear alignment of corporate purpose with human capital and strong societal values enhances Total Stakeholder Value (TSV™).

Redburn will develop a suite of ESG products under the ‘Redburn Purpose’ banner. ‘Organisational maturity’ will be one of the principal considerations for Redburn analysts when assessing the risk/reward of companies under their coverage. With the help of OMS LLP and The Maturity Institute, and with the application of the SASB Materiality Map®, Redburn’s analysts and sales team will be well placed to help clients make sense of how equity valuations intersect with corporate values and the world of ESG.

Angus Bauer, a Partner at Redburn, has been appointed ESG Strategist for the firm.

Robert Miller, Head of Research Services at Redburn, commented: “Equity research should embrace the requirement for active asset managers to marry investment performance to corporate and social responsibilities. The collaboration with OMS LLP gives Redburn an exciting opportunity to help investors navigate all aspects of ESG and interpret corporate purpose and values.”

Stuart Woollard, Managing Partner OMS LLP, said: “We are delighted that Redburn has chosen OMINDEX® and Total Stakeholder Value (TSV™) analysis as a central tenet of its ESG research strategy and product offering. This alliance between OMS LLP, developers of OMINDEX®, and Redburn creates a complete, comprehensive and coherent set of ESG metrics and indicators to produce a fully integrated approach to corporate investment appraisal and valuation.”


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