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Charitable Giving

As a firm, Redburn donates a percentage of profits to charitable causes. The donations are split in a variety of ways including staff matching, sponsorship and Charity of the Year partnerships. We also encourage staff to volunteer and engage with our chosen charities through a variety of events over the course of the year.

Charity of the Year partnerships

This year, we are pleased to be supporting Haven House, Walkabout Foundation and Restore NYC.

Haven House (Registered charity number: 1044296)

Haven House Children’s Hospice was first conceived in the early 1990s, as the brainchild of Sue Irwin, a registered nurse and health visitor, who with friends and colleagues founded the charity to provide care to life-limited children and their families at no cost to them. They are a nurse-led hospice for children and young people under 19 who have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. In the hospice children benefit from play activities as well as day and overnight stays. Through the Holistic Care Centre, children can access a range of therapies, including music therapy, physiotherapy and therapeutic yoga. Families can also take advantage of support groups for mums and dads and siblings as well as complementary therapies designed to reduce stress and anxiety. In their grounds there is a fully accessible specialist play area and tranquil sensory garden surrounded by many acres of beautiful woodland.

Walkabout Foundation (Registered charity number: 1075361)

Walkabout Foundation is a UK and US registered charity with the mission to restore dignity, freedom and independence for people with mobility disabilities, by funding research to find a cure for paralysis and providing wheelchairs and rehabilitation in the developing world. Whilst their scientists work incessantly to find a long term cure for paralysis, they are providing wheelchairs and rehabilitation to those that need it the most. Their management put their collective experience of over 40 years in the banking and finance sector into running the day to day operations in an efficient and professional manner.

NAACP LDF (EIN number: 13-1655255)

The NAACP (founded in 1909), extended their reach in 1940 with the founding of the Legal Defense and Educational Fund (LDF). LDF was spearheaded by Thurgood Marshall, the first African American U.S Supreme Court Justice, and seeks to achieve racial justice, equality, and an inclusive society. LDF was perceived as the legal arm of the civil rights movement. In their seven decade history, they were instrumental in the legal attack against enforced segregation in public schools, which culminated in Brown vs the Board of Education in the 1950s; the fight for the protection of African Americans’ right to vote in the 1960s; and, helping remove barriers for equal employment rights in the 1970s. Their work has persisted into the modern day, with their longstanding campaign to end life-without-parole sentences for juveniles being vindicated by the Supreme Court ruling it was unconstitutional in 2010.

Restore NYC (EIN number: 20-2390142)

Restore NYC was founded in 2009 in response to estimates that 17,000 foreign nationals were trafficked into the U.S. each year with no agency in New York City, an entry point and hub for human trafficking, to serve these individuals. Initially, Restore began providing advocacy and counselling services to trafficked women arrested on prostitution-related charges in the nation’s first Human Trafficking Intervention Courts, located in New York City. When housing services emerged as a primary need, in 2010 Restore launched the first safehome in the nation specializing in serving foreign-national survivors of trafficking. In 2016, Restore kicked off its Economic Empowerment program in response to survivors’ number one request, “Help me find safe work.”

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